Not every student learns at the same pace as some other students. Not every student finds a particular teacher’s methodology effective.  Many students have learning problems and some have organizational issues.  Some students are so anxious that they cannot get as much out of the learning situation at school as they are capable of doing. This anxiety can also affect relationships with peers and with siblings.  

If your child is showing signs of stress or if your child suffers from an anxiety disorder, then there are some simple solutions I can provide.

Your child and I can meet and I can introduce the material and pre-teach your child. This will give your child an advantage when the rest of the class is newly introduced to the material.  I can clear up any questions or concerns before they grow into real issues or cause unnecessary anxiety.

I can also come after the lesson has been taught and help your child understand it more and help with the homework. It is very hard to do a math problem, for example, if you didn’t really understand the steps to solve it because you became  confused in school and were reluctant to ask or because not understanding caused your anxiety level to increase.

Then there is the "homework situation". Some students can sit down with little prompting and begin their homework. Many need to be coaxed, chased, and maybe even coerced.  This is a worrisome and stressful situation for a parent. Repeated episodes of this can affect a parent’s relationship with a child.

Let me come and be the “coaxer”. Let me take “the heat” off of you so you can be a more relaxed parent.

I can also help students with executive function disorders and organizational issues learn to get organized. Together we will find systems that work for your child and I will make the learning easier and more manageable. I can also help organize your child's binder and school bag for a less stressful homework session and a sunnier school day.