I am here to help you, the parent, gain some peace of mind and to act as a sounding board for your concerns in any area related to your child's education or development. Parents sometimes wonder whether their child is having the best possible educational experience.

Maybe your child is complaining about the teacher or the level of class work.

  • Maybe the tension around school is affecting your relationship with your child, your spouse or among your children.
  • Maybe grandparents or friends are critical or offering unsolicited advice about what you should or should not be doing.
  • Maybe the teacher is saying that your child is having difficulties that have never been articulated before.
  • Maybe your child is developing school phobias or psychosomatic symptoms because of school stress.
  • Maybe you are unsure about whether to request an evaluation or seek individual tutoring.

I am here to help you sort out these problems and support your choices. I can also act as your advocate. I will listen to you and be there for you. I can also:

  • Meet with school personnel
  • Review school work and give you feedback
  • Provide understanding of any testing or evaluations
  • Help with the IEP and 504 processes
  • Coordinate your communication with other professionals working with your child or the family
  • Advocate for you and your child in meetings with school personnel.