Every child is unique and has differences in learning needs. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn with these differences in mind. In the fast-paced classrooms of today's competitive schools, students without any diagnosed special needs are sometimes at a disadvantage if they need a little extra help or a different approach. Lessons can be full of pressure and some children will fall behind.

Many children are embarrassed about asking questions in front of peers and so they try to hide their confusion. Other students are unable to ask questions at all.

A little extra private instructional time and this may be just the leg-up your child needs to succeed and excel. Your child's confidence will rise and her/his attitude toward school will improve when she or he realizes that a “teacher” really cares. Attitude will also improve, and related behavior issues may go away, when your child is no longer feeling inadequate.

In addition to just academic progress, one of my goals is to make your child develop good self-esteem and a positive attitude about what is possible.

I will contact your child's classroom teacher and get information. We will determine what areas need extra attention. I will then develop a unique plan just for your child.

I can come to your home, you can bring your child to mine or we can work online. I will adapt my approach to your child and give her/him 100% of my attention.